Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Post for Lauren

I am blessed to have two beautiful daughters who are deeply devoted to each other. Lauren (22) has been depolyed to Afghanistan and we are missing her terribly, especially Casey since this weekend will be her 16th birthday and they so wanted to spend it together. We will manage just as so many other families are doing at this time. So why post, well I wanted to ask all my fellow bloggers to consider sponsering a soilder. There are so very many soilders who don't receive any mail, much less care packages. I know so many of you have been doing something already, but it seems since this war has been going on so long and so many have moved on with their daily lives. So as a mother of a deployed soilder, I would like to "remind" my friends that this war IS STILL going on and there are daughters, sons, fathers, mothers, and other family and friends that are on the battle field so that we can have the freedom to do this hobby we all so love. Take a moment now and say a prayer for a soilder, they could all use that!

Blessings to you all,